About MCWA

Mark West Center for the Arts (MWCA), also known as House of Mark West is a non-profit cultural art center, gallery and creative hub for artists in the Williamsburg-Bushwick Art Hub. MWCA is black-owned and praised for catering primarily to Black, Brown, LGBTQ, disabled, and young (k-12) artists and creatives. MWCA hosts monthly art exhibitions, free grant-writing workshops, open mic competitions, art classes, and town hall meetings. 

As one of the only black-owned and queer-owned galleries in NYC, their mission is providing exposure and advocacy for underrepresented artists from all backgrounds. 

“Amazing gallery. Mark is the Kindest!!! This summer they used their platform to create a supplies and food drive for the community. They are true lovers of art and made sure Bronx artists had supplies to create during the months of quarantine. The work is amazing and nothing like it. True artist and true art”

Odalys B

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Mark West Center for the Arts
56 Bogart St, #115
Brooklyn, New York 11206